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The Klymat Audit

Imagine you and your business can do your bit to bring about a reduction in the tons of invisible Carbon that surround and embrace us each day – is that something you would you want to do?

For the most part, much of this work can be carried out in-house, as long as it’s done objectively, and all emotion/sensitivity removed.

In our experience, many internal audits in areas that ‘touch’ people’s ‘personal’ preferences – cars (brands), travel (preferred airlines), refuelling (brand of fuel), parking, rental cars (brand vs. convenience vs. cost), hotels (value vs. comfort) and public transport (method) are determined by individual preferences and are sacrosanct. That’s not an objective audit!

A Klymat audit exposes all components and highlights opportunities to improve on cost, carbon and efficiency – without fear or favour.

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The Klymat Way

Klymat App

The Klymat App is designed to put the decision-making process in the hands of the user.

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How It works

Delivering business mobility

Klymat believes that putting the business mobility decision-making process in the hands of the user gives your business an above average chance of reducing both cost and carbon footprint in equal measure.

By allocating every essential business user a realistic mobility budget, controlled, measured and managed centrally by the Klymat App and under the protection and direction of a Master Service Agreement, your employee has the freedom to choose the most practical and cost-effective way to help you achieve your CSR objectives.

You’ve recruited good people to be even better corporate citizens – trust them to help you be an even better one.