Klymat – Head of Sales                 Chichester, West Sussex

Job Description   

Start Date – September 20, 2021

Klymat is a 20 year start up in the Business Mobility space and we’re looking for a director-level Sales hunter and winner to shape our
sales proposition and scale revenue to the next level. The ideal candidate will be responsible for architecting a sales strategy and
building out a team of ‘Hunters and Farmers’ working across enterprise and mid-market sales. The person should be excited by selling
into new markets, identifying and strategizing next steps, negotiating complex deals and beating the competition in head-to-head

The Klymat proposition applies to all business sectors at a time when sustainability and capital efficiency are at the top of every
business leader’s agenda and is the cornerstone of the Klymat proposition.

Primary Responsibility

• This position is only for a business hunter with a quantifiable record of achievement.
If sitting behind a desk and strategizing is your thing – this is not the role for you.

Secondary Responsibilities

• Working with the CEO, own all plans, actions and strategies for developing business and achieving the company’s sales
• Play a major part in the development of the sales plan. Prepares forecasts and KPI reporting for the sales leaders, CRO, and
upper management, for use in organizational planning, financial forecasting, budget setting and strategic planning.
• Land and expand: build process and funnel for manual top-down reach out, onboarding, activation, and expansion
• Evangelize the product and personally drive the closure of all the largest deals
• Work collaboratively across teams – including Finance, Operations, Account Management and Marketing
• Establish the inbound lead requirements needed to meet your sales objectives
• Provide full visibility into the sales pipeline at every stage of development
• Establish and foster partnerships and relationships with key customers, collaborators both externally and internally

Skills and Qualifications

• 7 years of relevant sales experience including management of business development in a combination of the fleet
management, finance, sustainability, travel and tech and a track record of exceeding quota
• Job holder should have a good grasp of the developing electric vehicle market in terms of supply/demand, cost and regulatory
challenges facing Corporate and Enterprise customers. Impact on Sustainability should be foremost in terms of capital
efficiency and impact on the environment.
• Possess extensive knowledge of sales principles and practices, and an ability to coach others on them – be able to ‘walk-thetalk’.
• Strong analytical and quantitative skills; ability to use hard data and metrics to back up assumptions, recommendations, and
drive actions.
• Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams
• Strength in problem solving, issue-resolution, ability to work in a deadline-driven work environment, attention to detail, and
ability to multitask.
• Strong leadership and team building skills

The Opportunity

Klymat is a start up in a dynamic market where opportunity abounds at every turn. Businesses need to get their people and products
to market in the most cost effective and sustainable way possible. Ensuring technology and human intelligence work in total harmony
gives Klymat a market leadership role and we want the best person to help us capitalise on this rare opportunity.
The right person with the foresight and vision will quickly realise the power of the Klymat proposition and will put themselves in pole
position to lead this business forward.

The Rewards

• Ideally you should live within a maximum one-hour commute of Chichester, West Sussex
• You will be paid a gross annual salary of £75,000
• You will be provided with an Electric Vehicle for business and personal use
• On achievement of your bi-annual sales quota, you will be awarded a one-off

o Scaled equity stake in the company
o A profit related bonus of up to 5% of net profit

If this is 100% you and you believe you can lead a team from the front to deliver ground-breaking results in this exciting
business mobility industry sector, write me a 3-paragraph email, not War & Peace, setting out your credentials with
your telephone number and if I’m convinced, I’ll call you for an exploratory discussion.